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Mondo obscure New Zealand DIY and experimental EP. Includes impossibly rare handpainted PS and numbered dust sleeve. 200 pressed!

Condition: VG+/VG+

Price: $595.00
BASTARDS ~ Maailma Palaa Ja Kuolee EP (Propaganda 1982)
Finnish hardcore classic on blue wax. Super clean!

Condition: M-/EX

Price: $125.00
BUGS ~ Bloody Mess EP (1979) TEST PRESS
Ultra-rare test pressing of this Swedish KBD ripper featured in the Bloodstains series. Vinyl has some cosmetic wear but plays beautifully. A color copy of the original PS is provided.

Condition: */VG

Price: $250.00
CHILD MOLESTERS ~ (I'm The) Hillside Strangler (Ace & Duce 1978)
First press with signed and LETTERED sleeve! The lettered copies were mostly given to close friends and are particulary elusive. This is #Q. Delightfully rubberstamped, graffiti'd and numbered on inner sleeve. Unfortunately, the B-side of this generally noisy pressing has an audible scratch through the first minute of "Don't Worry Kyoko".

Condition: VG/VG-

Price: $995.00
CONTROLLERS ~ Neutron Bomb 7in. (What 1978)
An early LA punk ripper that gets stuck in collections and doesn't come back out. Back PS has a sticker shadow and small stain on back (see pic). Essential!

Condition: VG+/VG+

Price: $195.00
GLENN DANZIG ~ Who Killed Marilyn? 7in. (Plan 9 Records 1981)
First pressing of this Danzig solo effort.

Condition: VG+/EX

Price: $595.00
KIP KOREA ~ Calling On You / I Hate The Beatles 7in. FLEXI (1980)
Rare Boston flexi with two fine tracks, one powerpop and one fuzzed out plodding anti-Beatles punker. Minty condition with typical flexi sound quality. Never in PS. Have a listen to both songs...

Condition: */M-
Price: $60.00
MANNEQUIN ~ Return To Cinder EP (Closet 1980)
Super catchy San Antonio, Texas rarity on the Closet label. "Trouble In The City" is my fave:

Some sleeves included a "Return To Cinder" rubberstamp; this one does not.

Condition: EX/VG+

Price: $350.00
MEATMEN ~ Blood Sausage EP (Touch & Go 1982)
Super clean keeper copy with insert ("TSOL are sissies" clipped off as usual). Some spotting to back PS (see pic) but overall fantastic shape.

Condition: EX/M-

Price: $195.00
MONTE CAZAZZA ~ Stairway To Hell 7in. (Sordide Sentimental 1982)
Original Sordide Sentimental issue with three inserts and original baggie. For fans of TG and the like. Super low number: 33!

Condition: EX/VG+
Price: $75.00
NEGATIVE APPROACH ~ s/t EP (Touch & Go 1982)
Nice condition second pressing (red ink) labels of this hardcore grail. Insert is an old repro.

Condition: EX/VG+

Price: $495.00
NUNS ~ Media Control 7in. (Rosco 1979) MISPRESS
Bizarre pressing plant error featuring the Nuns "Media Control" on Side A instead of what's labeled: a disco/funk track called "Let's Dance" by 9th Creation (see pic). Side B plays the correct "Shucks You're Fine". Pretty funny to imagine the look on a disco DJ's face when the needle dropped on this one. Include original Nuns PS (horizontal crease across center).

Condition: VG+/EX
Price: $75.00
PETER AND MARY SAVING GRACE ~ White House Stooge 7in. (1977)
Circa 1977, impossible-to-find debut from this LA group better known for the "Queen Of The Night" punk freakout on their second release. Not issued in PS.


Condition: */VG+

Price: $395.00
PINK SECTION ~ Tour of China 7in. (Systematic 1979)
Spastic NoCal synthwave classic! Way better than I remembered especially the guitar backing up the synth on the A-side.

Condition: VG/VG+
Price: $20.00
PLATINUM BLONDE ~ Hey Hey You 7in. (World 1980)
An absolute killer from Toronto! Two sides of all-systems-go punk 'n' roll with excellent riffs and great vox. PS given a couple kisses by the band. Vinyl has some light cosmetic wear but plays great. Top PS has multiple small tears. Impossibly tough to find!

Condition: VG/VG+

Price: $1195.00
PROCESS OF ELIMINATION compilation EP (Touch & Go 1981)
First pressing with red ink labels! Typewritten review is taped to the original PS. Includes one of the two original inserts.

Condition: VG-/VG
Price: $75.00
RAISINETS ~ More Fun To Play Than Listen To EP (Chocolate Covered Muse 1979)
Quality DIY outta Baltimore featured in the Kuge's Top 100. Includes insert. Tip top condition!

Condition: EX/EX

Price: $250.00
RALPHS ~ Mutating Man 7in. (VVV 1981)
Dallas synthpunk obscurity on the legendary VVV label. Unlike most copies you see, this one includes the first issue offset litho PS with no "Mutating Man" reference. The 45 includes a version of "Teddy Boy" different from the one on the retrospective Zeros -- No Ones LP. Super clean!

Condition: M-/EX

Price: $295.00
RAMONES ~ Do You Wanna Dance? EP (Sire 1978)
US issue with "Babysitter" B-side! A-side etchings are: SRE-1017-VNY-1453-S-JW1 #2. B-side etchings are: SRE-VNY-1524-S-JW1 #2. Both sides include a Sterling machine stamp.

Condition: VG+/EX
Price: $30.00
RED ROCKERS ~ T.D.F. The Truth (1984)
Single-sided 10in. acetate of the B-side to the 415 Records/Columbia's 1984 "Eve of Destruction" 7in.

Condition: */VG+
Price: $40.00
REVERSIBLE CORDS ~ 4x33.3 EP (Company Texas 1980)
A shoe-in for Kuge's Top 100 DIY though I suspect it hadn't crossed his (or most people's) radar. Female vox, weird instruments and off-kilter arrangements out of Austin, Texas. Includes a former member of the Huns who I believe also performed "Legalize Crime". Vinyl has a little wear and minor storage warping but plays great.

Condition: M-/VG
Price: $60.00
SINGLES ~ One and Only 7in. (JSR 1980)
A-side is catchy powerpop while the B-side is more of a70s hard rock number with some brief shreds and good vocal effects. Vinyl has a very obvious see-saw-style storage warp, but it plays fine. "BMB" initial written on PS and labels. Outta Jersey...

Condition: VG/VG

Price: $195.00
TERRY REED ~ Mini LP EP (Xrena Sorta Yeits 1975)
Incredible loner spacerock which managed to land a mention in Bomp magazine. Super lo-fi pressing. Have a spin...

Condition: VG+/VG+

Price: $195.00
TIX ~ s/t 10in. EP (Lunar Lab 1982)
Super clean copy of this scarce Houston, Texas release on the same label as Legionaire's Disease. Solid 60's garage influenced punk 'n' roll.

Condition: M-/M-

Price: $75.00
VIOLATORS ~ N.Y. Ripper 7in. (Syringe 1980)
New York City classic featured on Killed By Death #3. Super clean original issue which includes the generic white pocket sleeve. A couple dozen of the latter were spraypainted to create the ultra-rare PS, but most were distributed in dust sleeve only.

Condition: (M-)/M-

Price: $350.00

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