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The only other early artpunk mag that deserves mentioning in the same breath as Sluggo. November 1980 issue with a forklift full of collages, subversion, multi-color litho and all the things I love about this Chicago institution. 500 printed.
Price: $95.00
STEEL PRESS vol. I, no. 1
Short 'n' sweet April 1982 issue of this Dallas based zine with a Bad Brains feature and happenings at the legendary Hot Klub venue.
Price: $30.00
STEEL PRESS vol. I, no. 2
Second issue from May 1982 with a Big Boys feature and bits on the Telefones and Cringe (!!). This copy includes handwritten commentary by none other than the Hugh Beaumont Experience (see pic). Stain on lower edge of back cover.
Price: $40.00
STEEL PRESS vol. II, no. 4
August 1982 issue with Dallas happenings at the Hot Klub and Studio D... Stickemen, Big Boys, etc. Double-sided single sheet.
Price: $15.00
Particularly sick second issue of this Seattle punk fanzine published in August 1978. Features Screamers, Enemy, Girls, Neo Boys and Television. Excellent condition.
Price: $60.00
Swiss fanzine from May 1984 with coverage of Nabat, Combat 84, Bastards, Italian and Finnish HC and more. All text in German. Postmarked and addressed to Radiobeat Records.
Price: $30.00
Second issue of John Holmstrom's follow-up to Punk from May/June 1982. Small tear and minor creasing to cover.
Price: $20.00
A six-pager installment from February 1982 released after the first Sub Pop cassette issue.
Price: $60.00
Early 1978 debut issue of this San Diego punk rag with coverage of Television, Ramones, Zeros, Weirdos, Sex Pistols and more. Great condition!
Price: $95.00
The third issue of this tough-to-find San Diego fanzine published in December 1978. Good photos including the Penetrators, Zeros and the Avengers. Typical newsprint toning but overall in very good condition.
Price: $40.00
The "All American issue" from early 1982 featuring the Eat and Bad Brains. Unfortunately, the first two pages have cut-outs thus the discounted price.
Price: $15.00
March 1982 issue of this Florida fanzine institution featuring Bad Brains, Throbbing Gristle and even a Screaming Sneakers ad. Excellent condition!
Price: $60.00
Another fine installment... Red Cross, Double O, Bauhaus, Throbbing Gristle, etc. Published November 1982 and in excellent condition.
Price: $30.00
February 1983 issue with Mission of Burma, Proletariat, PiL. Price written in pencil on cover. Nice shape!
Price: $30.00
A particularly tasty issue from January 1978 with interesting local coverage of Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Tubeway Army and more. A few back pages have come loose from the staple.
Price: $150.00
"Special PUNK ROCK issue" of this rock mag with an over-the-top Dead Boys cover from August 1977. Punxploitation at its finest! Excellent condition.
Price: $40.00
Fifth and final issue of this Boston rag featuring Dead Kennedys, Flipper and Angry Samoans. Previous owner trimmed the square flexi into a more "record looking" circle (does not affect play).
Price: $15.00
The last and most elusive of Take It! issues. Complete with Flesh Eaters and Tex & The Horseheads flexi. Excellent condition.
Price: $45.00
March 1982 fanzine out of Anaheim, California with exclusive pics of Circle Jerks, Super Heroines and Social Distortion at Al's Bar. There are also five pages dedicated to the Misfits with plenty of photos and some sexy Dinah Cancer shots, too. Sticker shadow on cover but otherwise in excellent condition.
Price: $75.00
TALK TALK vol. III, no. 6
The last and arguably most desirable issue thanks to the William Burroughs flexi (and stamped envelope sleeve) included. Autumn 1981 issue with interviews with Iggy Pop, Billy Idol, Burroughs and the usual cornucopia of coverage. Excellent condition!
Price: $95.00
November 1980 debut issue of this Philadelphia music rag! Bauhaus, Bunnydrums, Delta 5, Bush Tetras, etc. Light curling at corners. Excellent condition.
Price: $40.00
February 1981 issue of this fine Philly fanzine. Gang of Four, Buzzcocks, Brian Brain, Iggy Pop. Minty condition!
Price: $30.00
April 1981 issue of this fine Philly fanzine. Ramones, Elvis Costello, Ultravox, U2. Minty condition!
Price: $30.00
May 1981 issue of this fine Philly fanzine. This one features Bauhaus, Dead Kennedys, Adam & The Ants, etc. Minty condition!
Price: $30.00
Excellent issue of this Philly fanzine from 1981 with features on the Fall, Cramps, Circle Jerks and so on. Excellent condition!
Price: $40.00
X graces the cover of this 1981 issue of this Philadelphia fanzine. Staining to right side run throughout the mag.
Price: $20.00
1982 issue featuring Bad Brains, Gang of Four and Killing Joke. Haphazardly folded with a some small tears along edges.
Price: $15.00
1983 installment with Sonic Youth on the cover and Circle Jerks, Ministry and more in side. Stain to right side. Folded once.
Price: $15.00
May 1982 events calendar issued by The Compound in SF, touted as "Amerika's Only Punk-Wave Shopping Arcade & Information Center".
Price: $15.00
Double-sided, single page fanzine on legal size (8" x 14") stock covering the early Boston scene. Issued in September 1977. Folded once.
Price: $60.00
THRASHER set #1 - #9
Complete run of all nine large format 1981 issues! Notoriously scarce newsprint issues before the October 1981 switch to regular magazine size format. Overall set condition is excellent with most being uncirculated. #1 was originally folded and has minor wear along spine. #5 was folded and stapled for mailing but has been stored flat for three decades. #8 has minor wear and oxidation to staples. An eyeful!
Price: $1995.00
Fourth issue of this super-rare Hugh Beaumont Experience mini-zine from 1982. Punk rock gabbing, VVV report, Husker Du, etc.
Price: $75.00
TOUCH & GO #14
Another impossible issue, this time with the Necros gracing the cover. 200 printed. DC scene report, Meatmen cartoons and all the debauchery you'd expect. 200 printed. Excellent condition!
Price: $195.00
TOUCH & GO #15
October 1981 issue with Ian MacKaye cover and Violent Apathy, Fix, Youth Brigade and Necros content. Only 500 printed. Excellent condition.
Price: $150.00
TOUCH & GO #20
October 1982 issue with Faith, Effigies, Minor Threat, Iron Cross and the Pushead back cover illustration of Rollins that put Tesco on Hank's shitlist. Excellent condition.
Price: $75.00
TOUCH & GO #21
SSD and friends grace this penultimate April 1983 issue of this legendary rag. Void, Allied, Die Kreuzen, Scream, Friction, Misfits, Minor Threat and on and on. One page has a small clip, thus the reduced price. See pic.
Price: $40.00
TOUCH & GO #22
The final issue from September 1983 of this incredible rag and a fine swan song indeed! Features on Poison Idea, SSD, Sado-Nation and more. Minor rubbing to cover.
Price: $75.00
TRIAD vol. VI, no. 3
October 1977 cover feature on Chicago's pioneering (and very short-lived) punk club, La Mere Vipere. Excellent condition!
Price: $40.00
January 1978 issue with a feature on The Jam. Entire back cover is a Never Mind The Bollocks ad. Excellent condition.
Price: $10.00
July 1981 issue with a feature on D.O.A., the film that followed the Sex Pistols ill-fated US tour. A couple ads have addresses circled but otherwise excellent condition throughout.
Price: $10.00
July 1982 issue featuring Nick Lowe. This copy includes the subscriber-only Human Switchboard flexi. Tip-top condition!
Price: $15.00
Scarce debut issue of this DC punk 'n' hardcore zine from 1982. Staples rusted but overall in excellent condition.
Price: $60.00
Another excellent issue... Gun Club, Urban Verbs, Nuclear Crayons and so on. Published Nov/Dec 1982. Original owner name written on cover.
Price: $60.00
Another excellent (and thick) installment including TSOL, Fall, Birthday Party, Marginal Man, etc. Some toning to covers and some brownish spotting/stain along back cover edge.
Price: $60.00
An issue so thick with fine contents that it defies staples (see pic)... Black Flag, Minor Threat, Flipper, Media Disease. Published circa November 1983. Some toning to edges and misshapen/missing staples.
Price: $60.00
Scarce 1982 LA area art/punk zine with Zoogz Rift interview and a funny review of LA music critics. First issue. Excellent condition.
Price: $30.00
1986 with a great Butthole Surfers centerfold and coverage of Panther Burns, Wiseblood, etc.
Price: $20.00
1985 fanzine outta Green Bay, Wisconsin with Suburban Mutilation, Cut Throat and Sum.
Price: $30.00
February 1981 installment of this Dallas/Fort Worth music mag with coverage of the VVV label roster and features on the Plasmatics, Captain Beefheart and more!
Price: $20.00
Debut issue of this Green Bay, Wisconsin zine featuring America's Hardcore on the cover. Interview with Rev. Norb, too. Published Fall 1983.
Price: $45.00
Perhaps my FAVORITE among ridiculous punxploitation skin mags! This 1980 issue has punk rock content spanning eleven full pages including the centerfold. Includes Edy Williams flexi!
Price: $45.00
DeDe Troit graces the cover of this second installment of Bob Moore's (Version Sound) fanzine from November 1982. Coverage includes Rebel Truth, Savage Republic, Leaving Trains, etc. Front cover has some small stains and is loose from the top staple.
Price: $60.00
January/February 1984 installment of Alaska's Only Alternative with bits on Mr. Epp, Henry Rollins, Glen E. Friedman, Suicidal Tendencies and more. Excellent condition.
Price: $20.00
May/June 1984 "Pinko" issue with Suicidal Tendencies, Fang, Tesco Vee, local skate scenes and more. Excellent condition.
Price: $20.00
July/August 1984 "way cool" issue with Skate Death (!!!), Neighborhood Watch, Septic Death and tons of delightful punk 'n' skate tidbits. Excellent condition.
Price: $20.00
Nov/Dec 1984 two-year anniversary issue with the usual dense collection of local goings-on, reviews and scene reports. Minor wear.
Price: $20.00
Amazing third issue from 1978 with Screamers, Germs, Iggy, Nick Gilder... the works! Page 7 includes a partial shoeprint (vintage, of course) in the upper right corner and light moisture staining on bottom of mag. Page 8 includes a great Darby photo with a mini-Crash on his shoulder. Supremely stupid!
Price: $95.00
WET #15
Nov/Dec 1978 issue of this LA art 'n' music 'n' fashion mag. Robin Lee Crutchfield center, David Johansen interview, full page ad with Gary Panter art, KROQ ad, etc. Excellent condition!
Price: $40.00
Fall 1973 double-issue of Greg Shaw's pioneering magazine. Slight curl to upper right corner and expected newsprint toning.
Price: $20.00
Summer 1974 issue of Greg Shaw's legendary music rag. Minor wear to cover.
Price: $20.00
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